40W Bee Eye Moving Head Light-DFY19B

VOLTAGE: AC100-240V/50-60HZ
Focus: 4-60° Dmx Liner focusing, with auto focus function
Color temperature adjustment: Built-in CTO DMX linear dimming
Strobe: 0.3-25t/s, synchronous or asynchronous random stroboscopic
Dimming: Electronic dimming 0 ~ 100% linear adjustment, with gamma curve dimming frequency 1.2K ~ 25K adjustable, with macro command dimming linear stable smooth no flicker, using stable constant current drive and power supply
Control mode: 22 (simplified) /26/36/78 (standard) , 4 kinds of channel control modes, standard DMX512 with RDM
Control interface: DMX512 interface 3-core (5-core optional), power cord socket
PAN& TILT: Horizontal scan: 540°, Vertical scan: 270°(16Bits precision scan)
Display function: 1.77 inch LCD screen, Chinese and English language menu, sensor fault display, temperature display
Effect mode: (Vortex, kaleidoscope); Front mirror plate variable direction rotation, seamless splicing, aspheric lens structure, point control lamp, led strip effect: stroboscopic, horse racing effect, with built-in program
Product Size: 40.5×23.4x44cm
Package size: 49x47x39cm
N.W: 19.0KGS
G.W: 21.0KGS
1. Led screen automatic rotation function which can be turn off.
2. Integrated motherboard design, to solve the problems of smoke oil, color paper, can be a separate segment control lamp beads, horse running effect, product built-in RDM remote console dip upgrade function


Revolutionize Your Stage Experience

Introducing the new LED Moving Head Light, equipped with 19*40W RGBW Osram LEDs for unique and vibrant effects. With its 4-60° auto-focus and advanced dimming system, every performance becomes vivid and captivating. Perfect for various professional stages and events, ensuring every detail is impeccably presented.

Light Effect Shows

Superiority Here, Your Stage Deserves Better

bar and live house

Application: bar, disco, KTV room, music restaurant, live house, club etc....

The LED Moving Head Light, with its top-tier RGBW LED technology, creates an unparalleled visual experience for your stage. Whether it’s delicate color transitions or intense light impacts, it captivates the audience at every moment. This fixture is designed for professionals who seek the ultimate in visual effects.

The advanced dimming and strobe capabilities of this light perfectly adapt to any scene requirement. From subtle atmospheric settings to fast-paced stage effects, its extensive dimming and strobe options enhance the quality of any performance. The LED Moving Head Light makes every show more vivid and dynamic.

The LED Moving Head Light excels not only in lighting performance but also in energy efficiency. Its 850W power consumption ensures powerful effects while also meaning higher energy utilization and longer lifespan. Investing in this fixture translates to long-term energy savings and reduced maintenance costs.

Whether hosting concerts, theatrical performances, or corporate events, the LED Moving Head Light delivers exceptional lighting. Its multifunctionality and adaptability make it an ideal choice for various occasions. The light’s multiple control modes and interface options offer unparalleled operational flexibility.

Act Now and Seize the Opportunity

Take action now and add the charm of the LED Moving Head Light to your stage! Visit our website or directly contact our sales team for an easy ordering process. Don't miss the opportunity to bring this innovative fixture to your venue, whether it's a concert, theater, or any other professional event, it will shine brighter because of your choice.


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