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Founded in 2015, JCLight strives to make stages shine brighter. With over 8 years of global experience in stage lighting manufacturing, we’ve grown to be a top industry supplier. As a leading figure in China’s stage lighting sector, JCLight upholds quality, standardization, and internationalization. In 2021, invested 30 million yuan in a self-built 6,000 square meter R&D and production center. Our dedicated team of 300 professionals ensures top-tier service and products. Since our inception, our products have reached 430 cities in China and 28 countries globally, including the US, France, Germany, and Vietnam. With a steadfast commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, JCLight continues to earn praise and trust worldwide.

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Lightings Expand To LED Screens And Sound Systems

JC Group, as a renowned stage lighting manufacturer, not only specializes in the production and development of cutting-edge lighting solutions but has also broadened its expertise into LED screens and sound systems. This strategic expansion allows JC Group to offer a comprehensive suite of stage effects, catering to a wide range of events from concerts to theater productions. By integrating these technologies, JC Group ensures that clients receive a seamless and immersive experience, making every performance unforgettable.

Production Team

Boasting a dedicated workforce of 150 skilled workers, our 10-member R&D team collaborates seamlessly to drive innovation. With 36 efficient production lines and 20 specialized production groups at our helm, we’re proud to achieve an impressive annual output of 70 million high-quality lamps. This translates to a robust annual production value of 260 million yuan, spanning over 300 diverse models. In our quest for excellence, we’ve relentlessly introduced new products and harnessed advanced flow technology systems in recent years. Our commitment is unwavering: to meet and exceed our customers’ unique and personalized needs.

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Rigorous Production Process & Quality Control

Our production process is ISO 9001 certified, with a defect rate of only 0.1% per 1,000 products.

International Logistics Standards

In partnership with top-tier global logistics companies like DHL and FedEx, we ensure safe and swift delivery to over 68 countries.

Immense Production Scale

Our factory has 5 floors of state-of-the-art production lines, and our monthly production capacity of stage lighting equipment can reach 100,000 units.

Rapid Delivery Capability

For large orders, we guarantee a production and shipment commencement within 15 days, with 95% of orders arriving within the stipulated time.
"Since collaborating with your company, I've been genuinely impressed by the meticulous production and prompt delivery. Every order arrives on time with quality exceeding expectations. Highly recommended to other partners!”
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