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1. Customize Light Solution

Real customer cases, witness our professionalism and effectiveness.

Step 1. Requirement Consultation

◇ Engage in in-depth communication to fully understand your needs and desired outcomes.
◇ On-site inspection to ensure the design perfectly matches the actual venue.

Step 2. 3D Simulation Conceptual Sketches

◇The design team plans the solution according to the needs, uses 3D three-dimensional modeling.
◇Refines the light source form to be used, refines the design lighting effect diagram.
◇Demonstrates the lighting effect in different scenes, refines the distribution position of each lamp.

Step 3. Solution Confirmation Configuration List

◇Integrity is fully reflected in the realization of lighting system functions, the configuration of lighting equipment, the interconnection of different equipment, and the compatibility of signal transmission formats.
◇The configuration of the lighting control system fully considers the following aspects:
◇① Suitable for high-power, low-power, fixed and mobile dimming circuits;
◇② Suitable for DMX512 and Ethernet communication interfaces;
◇③ Multi-level overcurrent/short circuit protection measures for single dimming loop, dimming cabinet, and total lighting control system

Customer Reviews

Having worked with various lighting companies in the past, JCLight truly stands out. Their design proposal was not only innovative but also meticulously tailored to our needs. The value for money in their equipment is evident, with top-notch performance that doesn't break the bank. But the real magic lies in the visual ambiance they create - it truly elevates the event experience, far surpassing our expectations. A definitive recommendation for those in search of quality and creativity.
Stuart Oneil From Ontario
Music Pub Principal

Venue Show Effect

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music pub show

Customize Your Lighting Project Solution

2. Production Quality Process

I. Raw Material Procurement

Only certified high-quality materials are procured, ensuring the durability and stability of the products.

II. Production Process

Strict production process controls, ensuring efficiency and accuracy at every step.

III. Assembly Inspection

Every assembly step undergoes strict inspection, guaranteeing the integrity and safety of the products.

IV. Quality Testing

Each equipment undergoes a continuous 48-hour test before leaving the factory, ensuring its performance and stability.

From grand concerts to intimate family gatherings, for any venue and lighting need, just one call away. We offer free design proposals, top-quality lighting equipment, and professional installation guidance. JCLight guarantees to meet every expectation!

Any venue, any lighting, JCLight meets all your expectations!

3. Installation & Adjustment

I. Video Installation Tutorial

In our video tutorial, we walk you through each stage of the lighting setup. From unboxing the equipment, identifying each part, to the final setup on stage. Our experts share essential tips and tricks, ensuring a seamless installation. Navigate potential pitfalls and achieve professional lighting with our comprehensive guide!

II. Online Technical Support

Facing lighting issues? Access our online support. Dedicated experts ready to assist, ensuring smooth operation. Real-time solutions, just a click away. Enhance performance with our guidance!

III. Installation Testing

Post-installation, we conduct comprehensive tests on each lighting fixture, checking for accuracy in positioning, consistency in brightness, synchronization with control systems, and potential technical glitches. Every detail is scrutinized to ensure seamless performances.

IV. Effect Debugging

Effect fine-tuning is an art; it demands precision and an understanding of the performance dynamics. Our specialists use advanced tools to refine brightness, color temperature, and beam angles, ensuring every spotlight and color wash perfectly complements the stage narrative.



◇Lifetime Value

Our maintenance service doesn't end when the lights go on; we offer a sustainable solution that prolongs your equipment's life, ensuring maximum return on your investment.

◇Proactive Approach

Regular checks and timely interventions prevent minor issues from becoming major failures. Our team's proactive approach reduces downtime and ensures consistent performance.

◇Specialist Support

With a team of certified technicians at your disposal, rest assured your stage lighting is in expert hands. We prioritize your show's brilliance and safety in equal measure.

Our happy project participants

See What They Said

Stuart Oneil

Project Manager

“As the project manager of this Music Pub Project, I am deeply grateful to JCLight for providing us with excellent design solutions and installation guidance. The professionalism and technology they demonstrated ensured that we could seamlessly connect from project design to installation to maintenance. JCLight really gave this project its unique charm and life. It is the honor of my life to cooperate with JCLight.”

Elly Brett

Lighting Designer

“I’m a lighting designer for a stage lighting project, I have my sincere respect for JCLight’s design solution. Their unique eye for lighting and superb craftsmanship ensured that my design concepts were best reflected. Every detail and every beam of light fully reflects the professionalism and enthusiasm of the JCLight team. Working with JCLight brought this design to perfection from concept to implementation.”

Tim Ballard

Installation Engineer

“I was fortunate to be involved in this stage lighting project and work closely with JCLight’s professional team. The design plans and installation guidance they provided us were well thought out, ensuring a perfect implementation of the entire installation process. Every time I communicate with the JCLight team, I can feel their passion for work and their technical proficiency. We sincerely thank JCLight for providing us with all-round support and services.”

Music Pub FAQs

You ask, we answer.

Answer: By setting clear milestones, using professional project management tools, and holding regular project progress meetings.

Answer: Collaborate closely with the technical team to ensure the feasibility of the design and innovate solutions.

Answer: Collaborate with suppliers and designers, comparing equipment performance with expected results.

Answer: Through thorough rehearsals and familiarity with the operating system to ensure instant adjustments.

Answer: Rely on experience and team communication to find the best solution.

Answer: Conduct regular checks, follow manufacturer maintenance guidelines, and replace worn parts in a timely manner.

Answer: Communicate regularly with the project team and implement quality control and review in the supply chain.

Answer: Set a clear stage procedure and maintain close communication with all departments.

Answer: Conduct multiple checks on all electrical connections, have backup power sources, and protective measures in place.

Answer: Organize safety training regularly and conduct risk assessments and preventive measures based on the project’s characteristics.

Any venue, any lighting,JCLight meets all your expectations

From grand concerts to intimate family gatherings, for any venue and lighting need, just one call away. We offer free design proposals, top-quality lighting equipment, and professional installation guidance. JCLight guarantees to meet every expectation!

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