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800W Waterproof Beam Light-YL800W effect
240W Moving Beam Light-Privated Model XN240A-3 light

How To Choose Beam Lights: A Comprehensive Guide

Beam lights are a crucial component of stage lighting, and their selection significantly affects the presentation of stage effects. Whether for a large concert or a small gathering, the right beam lights can greatly enhance the atmosphere and visual impact. Here are some key factors to consider when selecting beam lights: Types of Beam LightsBeam lights mainly come in two

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350W 3in1 Spot Moving Head Light-ZQ350W effect

Installation And Usage Guide For 3-in-1 Pattern Lights

1. Overview of 3-in-1 Pattern LightsThe 3-in-1 pattern light, an innovative product in stage lighting design, combines beam, pattern, and wash functions. It’s not just suitable for various stage performances but also widely used in exhibitions, conferences, and special event lighting, offering versatile lighting effects and great flexibility. 2. PreparationBefore installing the 3-in-1 pattern light, check the packing list to

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stage light project

A Guide To Designing And Adjusting Stage Lighting Plans

The Importance of Stage Lighting DesignStage lighting is an integral part of theatrical arts. It does more than just provide necessary illumination; it creates ambiance, enhances visual impact, and directs audience attention. An excellent lighting design can bring stories to life and enrich emotions on stage. Preparation Before DesignBefore embarking on the design, it’s essential to deeply understand the script

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