260W Moving Beam Light-YH260A-3

Voltage: AC110-240V/50-60HZ
Power Consumption: 400W
Lamp: 9R 260W, CCT: 6700K
Motor: three-phase motor (fast running speed, accurate positioning)
Pan& tilt: Pan 540°/ Tilt 270°(16bit)
Prism: double prism, 8+8+8 prism, 24 prism, rotating prism can be positioned
Color wheel:13 color + white,rainbow effect with bidirectional rotation, full color effect and half color effect modes switch
Gobos: 1 fixed gobo wheel, 17 gobos+white, with gobo fast shaking effect
Focus: electronic focusing, ultra-fine smooth adjustment of focal length
Atomization: 0%-99% atomization soft light effect
Dimming: 0%-100% linear dimming
Bulb Lifespan: 2000H
Strobe: 13 t/s, free strobe and pulse strobe
Control: DMX512/master-slave/Auto-run/sound
Channel: 16/20CH
Product Size: 340X300X600mm
Package Size: 330X420X690mm(carton)
Flight case package:
N.W: 16.0KGS
G.W: 18.0KGS
◎Remote DMX Control system with long lifespan;
◎Intelligent fan noise Control;
◎Input signal isolation protection function, to ensure stable signal transmission, free from interference;
◎Automatic error correction: use photo-electricity reset system, self-correction;
◎Intelligent microcomputer self-check function;


The New Apex of Stage, Boundless Light & Shadow

Leading-edge light sources, coupled with a powerful 400W capacity, present to you a magnificent play of light and shadow. A swift and precise three-phase motor ensures that every angle, every detail is captured flawlessly. Welcome to a new era of illumination, where it’s not just about lighting but the heart of every stage’s artistry.

Light Effect Shows

Art of Illumination, Within Your Reach

Events & Entertainment Effect

Application: stage, dj, disco, party, wedding, bar...

Choosing this lighting fixture is not just opting for outstanding performance but embracing endless possibilities for every show. The powerful 260W lamp delivers clear and sharp illumination, ensuring every corner of the stage shines vibrantly.

Imagine, with electronic focusing, achieving pinpoint lighting on every detail; with professional prisms and color wheels, presenting audiences with an unparalleled visual feast.

Whether indoor or outdoor, small events or large festivals, our lighting provides the optimal luminous effects for you

It doesn’t just meet all your expectations for stage lighting but elevates the entire performance caliber, turning every stage appearance into a memorable moment.

Time Waits for No One, Excellence is Within Grasp

Your stage deserves the best. Why wait? Choose today and add a brilliant touch to your next performance. Have any questions or need further consultation about the product? Our team is always here to assist.


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