380W Moving Beam Light-Privated Model-Wolf Warriors

Voltage: AC110-240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption: 500W
CCT: 8400K
Focus: focus and zoom in function
Beam Angle: 0-2°
Color wheel: 13 colors + white,rainbow effect with bidirectional rotation
Gobos: 14 gobos+white, double rotation rainbow effect
Prism: Double Prism,1×8 prism, 3 layer 8+16+24 prism, which can be overlay and rotation
Atomization: 0%-100%, atomization angle 15° 60°
Dimmer: 0%-100% linear dimming
IP Rating: IP20
Strobe: 0-30t/s, random strobe and pulse strobe are not available
Pan& tilt: Pan 540°/ Tilt 270°(8/18bit) Electric correction
Control: DMX512/master-slave/Auto-run/sound
Channel: 16/20CH


Exceptional Luminosity

Standing apart from conventional lights, this fixture boasts bulbs with 18R 380W, offering unparalleled brightness and durability.

With a color wheel of 13 shades plus white and a bidirectional rainbow effect, amplify the vibrancy and charisma of your performances.

Be it near or far, every detail is in sharp focus, ensuring every moment is impeccably captured.

Light Effect Shows

Inject Life into Every Moment

Events & Entertainment Effect

Application: stage, dj, disco, party, wedding, bar...

Imagine a bulb lifespan ranging from 6000-10000 hours, reducing the frequency of replacements while maintaining consistent high-performance output.

From a tight 2° focus to a wide beam, every adjustment aims for the perfect stage portrayal.

From the precise three-phase motor to its unique dimension design, every element is tailor-made for your stage brilliance.

Given its compact dimensions, this lighting fixture promises easy installation and mobility, catering to venues of all sizes.


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