480W Waterproof Moving Head Beam Light-SQL480P

Voltage: AC100-240V 50-60Hz
Power Consumption: 500W
Lamp bead: Phillips 19R/20R 440w/460w/480w
Color wheel: 14 colors + white,rainbow effect with bidirectional rotation, Speed adjustable
Gobo wheel: 17 gobos+white
Prism: 8+16+24 prism
Frequency flashing: independent strobe, 0.5-20 times/second, speed adjustable
ZOOM: Linear Zoom Function from 2°to 60°
Atomization: 0%-4% atomization effect
Dimmer: 0-100% electronic dimming
Lifespan: 50000H
IP Rating: IP66
Pan& tilt: 540°Pan scaning, 270°Tilt scanning
Control: DMX512/master-slave/auto-run/sound/built-in RDM program
Channel: 16/20CH
Product Size: 660X360X390mm
Package Size: 550X440X680mm
N.W: 25.00KGS
G.W: 27.5KGS



Experience the Future of Stage Lighting Today

It’s not just about lights on a stage; it’s about the tool that ignites audience passion and controls the ambiance of every performance. Experience unparalleled brightness and clarity, adding unique charm to every corner of your stage.

Light Effect Shows

Precise Control & Long-lasting Durability

Events & Entertainment Effect

Application: stage, dj, disco, party, wedding, bar...

With electronic dimming capabilities ranging from 0% to 100% and an independent strobe effect of 0.5-20 times/second, every moment on the stage is made impeccable. Harness these features to take full control of light intensity and pace, adding more depth and emotion to your showcase.

Boasting a bulb lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, this equipment stands out as a wise investment compared to others. Its extended durability means less frequent replacements, saving you both costs and time.

Offering full maneuverability with DMX512, master-slave, auto-run, and sound control functionalities, this equipment has got you covered. The 16/20CH channel design ensures fine-tuned control and high customization.

With an IP66 protection rating, the equipment guarantees stable operation in varied conditions, be it rain, snow, or under the sun, without compromising its performance.

Choose Wisely, Opt for Excellence

Owning such an advanced fixture puts you leagues ahead in the industry. With the Philips 19R/20R 440w/460w/480w lamp bead, an ultra-long lifespan, robust features, and unparalleled performance, this equipment not only meets your current demands but thinks of your future too. It's not just a device; it's a long-term investment offering endless possibilities for your performance space. Make the move now. Add that shimmer to your stage and experience the unique allure that only top-tier equipment can bring.


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