CODE Victory 3 Console

• The console comes with the lamp library editor, which is convenient for users to create the lamp library on the console and supports writing the range table.
• Support the import of external light library, compatible with R20, D4 and other formats, allowing the export of internal user light library.
• Allow users to reattach lamps.
• Support RDM two-way communication to view lamp information and remote dip.
• Up to 1000 lamps can be connected.
• A maximum of 1000 groups can be edited.
• Up to 1000 materials can be edited and the materials can be classified.
• Store up to 1000 macro shows (light shows).
• Accept standard MIDI device control and provide MIDI IN, MIDI OUT and MIDI THRU interfaces, allowing multiple consoles to work in parallel in master-slave mode.
• The console is equipped with WIFI, which can be controlled by mobile phones, tablets and other devices through the special APP CODE.
• The website provides the system light library, software version, APP and other free upgrades.
• Built-in electronic hard disk, provide USB interface to save performance program backup and data update.
• Provides one 3.5mm audio outlet, one optical fiber port, and one earphone monitoring port.
• Provides one 12V working indicator port.
• Voltage: AC100-240V, 50-60Hz
• Size: 665mm x 580mm x 205mm
• Net weight: about 14.5kg


• 2048 DMX channels, 4 optically isolated DMX output ports.
• Provide an Art-NET network interface, which can transmit DMX512 signals and connect 3D simulation software through the network.
• 1 15-inch TFT-LCD capacitive touch screen, provides switching between Chinese and English operation interface, supports the touchscreen window layout.
• 15 reenactants push rod *80 pages +15 push-button reenactants *80 pages, a total of 2400 reenactants can be saved, and 30 reenactants can be output at the same time.
• 4 high-precision photoelectric coding wheels with backlight, including D wheel with metronome.
• With a backlit three-color wear-resistant button, providing three color backlight combinations.
• Push-rod backlight design, providing replay program three states of arbitrary color matching.
• Vector lamp position layout function, on-site light selection is more intuitive and convenient.
• Support creation of workspaces and quick access to the interface.
• Multi-mode sector function, providing quick hand-painted sector mode to shape lamps.
• Support text, handwritten graffiti, frame color and other naming functions.
• Timecode (light show) supports internal player, external MIDI, and multiple trigger modes with one click.
• Built-in music player, compatible with MP3, FLAC and other formats of music.
• Independent CMY or RGB color mixing system, supporting color block classification.
• Built in a variety of graphics running effects, provide a variety of curves combined with rich parameters can create infinite changes, allow to save as user graphics.
• Program priority function that allows multiple different levels of replay to be set, with higher levels running first.
• Provide attribute time system, overlapping lamps and other functions.
• Reenactor supports dimming, point control, pause and other trigger modes.
• Support reenactors to adjust their speed through metronomes.
• Built-in nearly 10000 kinds of computer light library data, support tape light mode light library.


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