MAW2 Console

7 imported industrial grade wear-resistant encoders (with push function);
2 Gigabit network ports, supporting MA NET, ARTNET signals
5 USB ports, 1 backup USB port;
2 working light interfaces, 2 DVI interfaces, two display screens can be expanded;
MIDI input/output port;
Built-in 2 drawers, built-in yellow backlight mechanical keyboard (backlight brightness adjustable);
Wide voltage industrial power supply: 100V-240V 50/60Hz;
Support RDM programing.
Flight case size: 82x33x102cm; Weight: 78kgs


Professional LINUX operating system;
Built-in 2 motorized lifting 15.4-inch industrial full view touch screen, 1 9-inch touch screen;
Industrial-grade motherboard, i5 CPU, 8G Ram, built-in SSD;
1 LTC time code trigger port;
Built-in 18w fast charge mobile phone charging dedicated USB port;
The built-in high-power UPS supports automatic startup without 220V or on 220V;
6 DMX outputs, 1 composite DMX input (can be set as output)
Up to 65536 channels can be connected to the NPU;
15 motorized playback faders with sensing function (60mm),80 executive keys;
1 main control fader; 1 dimmer wheel;
1 controllable XY axis high-precision original imported track ball;
2 motorized A/B faders(100mm);


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