Waterproof Led Computer Cut Moving Head Light-Q1600

Voltage: AC100 ~ 240 v50/60 hz;
Power: 1600W/1800W/2000W;
Light source: high power 1400w/1600W/1800w, lifespan: 5000 hours;
CRI: ≥90;
Pan& tilt: Pan 540°/630°, Tilt 270°(16bit precision scan);
Product size: 46.7×36.8×85.4cm;
Package size: 58.0×50.5×98.0cm;
Net weight: 43.0kgs;
Gross weight: 49.5kgs;


Dimming: 0~100% linear dimming;
Atomization: 0~100% linear atomization;
Color system: CMY+CTO mixing color system;
Color wheel: 6 fixed color + white, half color effect, color plate can be arbitrarily positioned, with bi-directional rotating rainbow effect;
Static Gobo wheel: 7 fixed gobos + white, with jitter function;
Rotating Gobo wheel: 7 rotating Gobo + white, with jitter and arbitrary positioning function;
Prism: 1 rotating 4 prism +4 row prism, both can rotate in either direction, prism can be overlay and positioning.
Focusing: electronic focusing, ultrafine smooth adjustment of focus;
Aperture: 5~100% smooth adjustment;
Strobe: maximum frequency can reach 25Hz, random and pulse stroboscopic;
Amplification: 4.5°~50 linear amplification;
Cutting Wheel: a controllable spot cutting system composed of 4 cutting pieces, can be 90°rotation, through the precise Control of optical slices can create any direction triangle, diamond, rectangle; shape such as flare effect plate: cool simulated dynamic moving flame, water dynamic effect etc.
Channel: 42/40/65CH;
Display: colorful LCD touch screen with RDM function.


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